Bridging the language gap between English and Spanish


We offer friendly, highly qualified translators and interpreters for a variety of needs. We believe that every word counts and we are here to serve you as a written and/or spoken bridge between two groups of people. If you have an important appointment or document that you need help with, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

General Rates*
$100 minimum for the first hour
$65 each additional hour
Billed only in one hour blocks.
Rates are for most services booked with 72+ hours notice and within 30 miles of King County. If you need services outside of King County, Washington State, or the United States, please contact us for our rates.

*Additional charges applicable for longer distances and shorter notice for job calls. Prices on website are for reference and quoted per job by phone or email. 

Useful for:
  • Conferences
  • Business Meetings
  • Legal Appointments
  • Promotional Materials
  • Product Development
  • Travel Agencies
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Special Events
  • Employment Documents
  • Medical Documents