Writing club is offered to help elementary and middle school students develop and strengthen their language skills.  


Participants have the opportunity to practice writing skills through the use of interactive games and activities, practice conducting interviews, and much more. 

Students work together to build a newsletter to be published at the end of each session. Each student who attends all three sessions during the year will have the opportunity to publish a spiral bound book, which will be worked on over the course of the year.

A great tool for students speaking English as a second language, Writing Club offers an opportunity to work on editing skills, parts of speech, and practice conducting interviews.

One hour sessions are usually directly before or after school at your organization or school, but can be arranged during school hours. Writing Club can be contracted to you through the PTSA, Principal, or an overseeing administrator.  

Prices are available upon request and depend on needs of each individual organization.  Please contact us for more information. We are dedicated to equal access to education and offer a limited number of scholarships to students who qualify.

A lack of writing skills in high school and college is an area with a growing gap as computers correct grammar and spelling. This skill is still needed.