We have now added résumé services to our written communication services! 

Have the résumé that will get you the job you want.  Everyone has skills, from waiting tables to practicing law, and often times people are not good at sharing what those skills are, in the form of a résumé. 

We have got you covered!  Meet over the phone for about thirty minutes, to gather information on your experiences and where you would like to head with your résumé in hand.  If you live locally, we are happy to meet in person, or all work can be done via email, from anywhere you are in the world!

Get your résumé and documents done quickly, when you need it.  From the time we have all the necessary information from you, we guarantee to have your résumé back to you, for a final approval, within 72 hours.
Reasonable prices!

Our prices are competitive and reflective of the end product we offer.

Most resumes can be done for $100, if extra time is needed to create the resume, it is billed at $50 hr.

We can also create your cover letter to accompany the résumé and help with other professional documents you may need regarding employment.  Call or email us with your needs!

I am relocating. Lux Languages wrote me a fantastic resume and cover letter, with short turn around time, and I got the job I wanted! ~Sarah