Meet Sharilyn

With over a decade of teaching experience, Sharilyn has developed a passion for building confidence in her students - young and old. Having traveled extensively through Central America and beyond, Sharilyn has fully immersed herself in the Spanish language and the cultures of the wonderful people she's encountered along the way. Away from teaching, Sharilyn enjoys the outdoors and most importantly hanging out with her son Jared.


  • Bachelor in Law & Justice from Central Washington University
  • Postbaccelearueate in Spanish from the University of Washington
  • Over a decade of teaching experience
  • Montessori Training
  • Published in Journal of National Association of Social Scientists
  • Twice Published Young Author
  • Coach / Mentor for MMUN New York program 
  • Experience living and traveling abroad
  • Student travel
  • Relationships with schools in Latin America


Watching others empower themselves while learning a language is the ultimate reward for me as an educator.
— Sharilyn Lux