Favorite Resources for High School through life long learners who are serious about learning Spanish

Great Online Resources

  • La Real Academia Española (RAE): With over 20 Spanish Speaking countries in the world, nuances of the language vary from country to country.  To represent grammar and vocabulary that are appropriate to specific geographic regions, the below will give a variety of adaptations to the Spanish language in three specific regions: Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Spain. From Spain, the Academia Real Española is the site of the creation of written formal Spanish language as we know it today, referred to now as Castilian Spanish.
  • Academia Mexicana de la Lengua: We select Mexico's academy for its representation as the greatest Spanish speaking population in the United States. Latin American Spanish has many words that have evolved in the Americas, that are unfamiliar in the language's homeland, Spain.
  • Academia Puertorriqueña de la Lengua Española: The Institute in Puerto Rico represents the sometimes forgotten, official Spanish speaking island of the United States.  Puerto Rico reserves its own place for adaptations within the language and culture.
  • Seattle’s Aula Cervantes: The Aula Cervantes of Seattle is located in the heart of the University of Washington campus. It offers a wide selection of Spanish language instruction programs as preparation for the Diploma in Spanish DELE Examinations. In addition, the Seattle Aula Cervantes offers Spanish Virtual Classroom (AVE) courses and other training courses for both students and teachers.

Fun and fantastic books for learners of all ages!

Children's books are not only great for little ones, they are also an excellent way for adults to practice Spanish.  Children's books are usually full of complex grammar that is taught in high-school and beyond, and are a great way to reinforce grammar and build vocabulary!

Three Favorites:

Check your local library or bookstore for their selection of more books!


  • Macaroni Kids: Local weekly newsletter of family friendly events and activities.
  • Speak Shop: "Fair Trade Spanish" Tutors in Guatemala are paid a living wage for Spanish lessons with local students, available online, with Skype.
  • PROBIGUA: Proyecto Bibliotecas Guatemala, the library project of Guatemala.  Striving to provide books, teachers, and classrooms in Guatemala.