What people are saying...

We are very pleased to have Sharilyn in our community and consider her teaching an important piece of our children's education. The girls look forward to lessons and there is always a fun activity or treat to accompany the immersion-based hour of Spanish each week. I have witnessed on several occasions, the girls using Spanish words in their play, and just the other day, one of them was able to understand the main points of conversation of a Spanish-speaking gentleman who was sitting next to us while we were out and about. That is proof to us that Sharilyn's methods of teaching are working well for our children and we hope to continue lessons with her for a long time to come!

        ~Julie Womersly, North Bend, Mother

I take Spanish lessons every Tuesday.  I have learned quite a bit of Spanish.  I have taken Spanish for 4 months now.  I love learning a foreign language and I look forward to Spanish every week.

        ~Issis, student, 10 years old

As a mother and educator, I recognize in our young children the special capacity and curiosity for learning languages and learning about our world.  

Miss Shari, through her own  love of learning and genuine regard for each individual student, engages kids with the Spanish language and with Latin American culture.  Her lessons are creative, hands-on and multi-sensory, and her flexibility allows her to tailor activities to meet the needs and interests of each child.  A typical lesson involves a tasty snack, a game, a craft, a read-aloud or music.  

But don't take my word for it.  My girls tell me, "Miss Shari is really nice," and "I love Spanish!!!"  They always look forward to their next lesson with Miss Shari, and I know they are building confidence, broadening their understanding of the world and soaking up a second language!

         ~KM Salmon, Mother, Snoqualmie, WA 

My 6-year-old daughter has been taking Spanish lessons from Sharilyn for almost three years now.  Sharilyn does a great job of making each lesson unique and fun!  From games to working with everyday objects, Sharilyn has enabled my daughter to now read and write in Spanish!  And to top it off, she looks forward to the lessons each week!  

        ~Diana, Macaroni Kids, Snoqualmie, WA

Sharilyn is an enthusiastic, dedicated teacher with infectious passion for the Spanish language and culture.   She's bright, energetic, varies teaching, and makes it fun.  
        ~ Carol Stewart, Private Student of five years, Redmond, WA, 

My high school daughter did a year-long Spanish 3 independent study with Sharilyn. It was an incredibly positive and transformative experience. Already a strong student, she fell in love with Spanish and made amazing progress. In the spring, we traveled to Bolivia as a family and I couldn't believe it when my daughter began speaking - she'd learned so much!

        ~ Janet Frohnmayer



Sharilyn is a very creative teacher always searching for new and exciting materials with which to engage her students.  She is very patient and kind.  Our lessons are always interesting, informative and above all fun!

       ~Louise Locke, Retired Librarian, On-Call Chaplain at Harborview Hospital