Cultural Misconceptions

After spending a few days in Lima, I am pleasantly surprised by the city.  More than 12 years ago, I came to Peru to study Spanish, before entering into a challenging program at the University of Washington.  My intention was to better my Spanish and see some of the gems of this country.  By advice of others, I came into Lima, and flew directly to "safety" in Cuzco.  A beautiful Incan strong hold of the past, where I took language classes.  During that stay I had the opportunity to visit Machu Picchu and some other surrounding areas.  Upon my return to Lima, I went straight back to the locked doors of my hotel, and flew out the next day. 

I missed a beautiful city.  This time, I have had the opportunity to see this amazing city and a few of it's historical and architectural treasures that date back to the time of the conquest.  The city is no less safe than any other city, including Seattle.  There is so much to see, that I will return to see more of the important pieces that help one understand the conquest and it's influence on literature, art, politics, and current day Latin America. 

If we conquer our fear, there are great things to be found!