Growing Demand for Spanish in schools

The number of schools requiring Spanish of all students is increasing rapidly, in the Seattle area.  Educated parents understand the need for Spanish for the future success of their children.  Seattle is one of the most "educated" cities in the United States, according to numerous surveys and studies. 

Chinese and Spanish speakers are quickly outgrowing the number of English speakers in numbers and financial strength in the global market. 

It is common that parents are requesting private tutoring in a foreign language for kids in Elementary in preparation for the future demands of tests, and the practical world. 

Bellevue School District has one of the strongest programs in the area for bilingual public school programs.  After talking with the curriculum department, they say it is 100% based on the drive from parents. 

Private Schools in the area usually have foreign language programs, Spanish being the most common, followed by Chinese and the old popular for schools, French.  Though the practical use of French in daily life for a person in the United Sates is seriously waning.